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  • Private ambulance;
  • Patient transport services in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Patient transport services provided using fully equipped and prepared ambulance vehicles. Cars are perfectly prepared for sitting and lying patients.
  • Cooperation with medical institutions making sure that all know needed information about the patient is gathered. Also, we cooperate ande comunicate with medical institution to whitch the patient bis going to be transported, making sure the patient will be well accepted.
  • Our services are provided 24/7;
  • Disabled patients transport service with constant supervision of medics.
  • Patient carry services;
  • We provide services for everyone: the patient and his/ hers family members, if needed.
  • Medical support service for different and various events. We are on duty for as long as it is needed in a wide spectrum of gatherings, from karting and motorcycle competitions, car racing and rallies, bicycle sports, football, running marathons and extreme running, horses’ parkour competitions, or private events.
  • We provide medical, first aid, and hygiene classes and courses. Our specialists provide all the needed courses according to special programs listed in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. Also, we provide more in deep informational lectures upon private requests. We work with different groups and various ages.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we prepare and provide prevention plans and strategies, steps needed to take, and temperature measurement services. Working according to these strategies, we help to assure, that the business would keep running and the personnel would remain safe.
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