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We can provide medical services in different types and kinds of events, being locally on duty for as long as it is needed. Our spectrum of events covers different gathering from extreme sports (car and motorcycling racing, rallies or karting, bicycles, and long-distance running marathons) to football, rugby, horse competitions (parkour), and private events.

We work with different associations as well as social projects. By working with different profile events, we already have a long list of different experience:

  • Car racing, rally, rally-cross, slalom, drift;
  • Karting practices (national level and private), championships;
  • Bicycle sports;
  • Sprint and marathon running, extreme running;
  • Movie making industry, filming areas, untypical situations;
  • Private parties and companies gatherings;
  • Horses parkour competitions;
  • Football (soccer) and rugby practices and competitions;
  • Basketball and all other contact team sport disciplines;
  • One or a few days lasting concerts and festivals, fairs.

We are always looking for new projects and events to work with!