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We are proud to be a Lithuanian private ambulance company. Our team – lots of experience having specialists. Along with practical knowledge, our team is well educated and gaining all the needed theoretical background. Sidabrilis, Ltd. personnel is well-motivated and putting a lot of effort making sure, that all services are provided perfectly, exceeding all the expectations.

Our company is fully licensed according to all needed governmental regulations, along with regulations applied towards our team. Our vehicles – fully set with all required medical items and equipment, mostly corresponding not only local Lithuanian laws but also international pieces of legislation.

These facts and our attitude let us form a trusted image, a strong team, and a long list of great friends and reliable partnerships in Lithuania and abroad.

Sidabrilis is counting sixth years already and six years ago we already knew our goals and mission: we always work and do everything in our power to make sure, that some moments of life would be much easier.

We are just working for You.

Sincerely Yours,